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Your Wallet and the Basel III Accord

The fundamental issue of the credit markets today involves availability. That single issue affects you, me, the respective companies we work for, and everyone we know. If financial institutions are willing to lend, and lend freely, and we benefit. If not, capital becomes more expensive, and the growth slowdown occurs.

True? Not entirely. We’ve seen the results of extreme overabundance of available credit which ended in late 2006, 2007. And we’ve seen the opposite extreme of limited available credit, opaque lending rules, and other emergency constraints imposed on the lending industry. Continue reading


Migration from the Wallet to the Smartphone: Barcodes

Bar Code scanned directly from a Smart Phone

Do you carry any barcodes with you in your wallet?  What about your keychain?  Take a look and count all of the loyalty cards, membership cards, coupons, and all of the other places were a barcode me here. I found four in mine, and I have thrown them all away in lieu of one of the many apps that are available on smart phones information for you. That was about three months ago. Since then I realized one sobering fact: this technology does not work efficiently, yet. Continue reading

Bharti Airtel – Pioneers of a Successful Model

The story of Bharti Airtel Limited is the story of success and efficiency.  What is the root of their success? Is their competitive advantage is sustainable? Is this a case of the best personnel, the best strategy, the best infrastructure, or something else? With competitors like Tata, and others, how does a mobile operator maintain an advantage  in the telecom sector of India, and the rest of the world?   Let’s take a look: Continue reading

Forbes and Gartner Weigh In on Mobile Security Issues

Recently, Darcy Travlos of Forbes published an article in the ‘Intelligent Investing’ column in which she delivered valuable and relevant insights to the Mobile Payments discussion. Here’s why: The main obstacle to mobile payments adoption in the United States is the “security” issue. Travlos begins her article with a reference to the Harris Interactive and Billing Revolution Study which notes a significant drop in consumer security concerns.

Continue reading

Mobile Payments and the Third World

“…what’s past i prologue.”

– William Shakespeare, and to a lesser extent, Visa Mobile

In the Emerging Markets section of the Visa Mobile page, Visa states, 

Nowhere is (the power of mobile payments) more apparent than in developing economies where mobile penetration outpaces bank card availability. Using existing mobile devices to access and transfer funds, make payments, pay bills or top-up wireless air time, mobile financial services represent a “leapfrog” technology in these under served regions. Continue reading