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Mobile Wallet Model vs. 4 Different Mobile Payment Models

Columnist Alistair Fairweather recently published an article detailing 4 different Mobile Payments Models. With one caveat, the analysis is one of the best-written and most succinct written on the topic to date; a must read for anyone who wants to take a crash course in Mobile Payments.

Mr. Fairweather clearly indicated that his list was not exhaustive with his comment, “There are at least a half dozen different approaches competing to become the de facto format.” However, the model that is notably missing is one the includes payments as a component, and not the sole function: the Wallet model. The Google Wallet (often categorized as a payment method) uses the ‘Wallet” model,which  produces no revenue for Google directly from payments; the revenue from payments remains intact for the banks, processors and ISO’s and the ‘Wallet’ is simply a form-factor replacement for a plastic card.  But, Google is not a non-profit; they will make plenty of money from this model; Here’s how:  Continue reading


According to ISIS: “NFC…Just About to Explode.”

Image Credit: Dial-a-Phone / ISIS

Yesterday, Andrew Johnson  of American Banker magazine (and PaymentSource) interviewed ISIS head of marketing Jaymee Johnson (no relation).   In the article published today, Johnson said:

“The handset pipeline around NFC is basically just about to explode,” Jaymee Johnson, ISIS head of marketing, said in a June 22 interview.

“That will change pretty dramatically … by the early part of next year and really the end part of this year,” Johnson added.

Click here to read the full article.

Insightful Report on Mobile Wallets by Nora Young, Spark Radio

Nora Young–host of “Spark” on CBC Radio

Next  Sunday, an insightful report on the Mobile Wallets by Nora Young will be broadcast on CBC Radio’s “Spark” program in advance of the Mobile Money Forum in Montreal on June 21, 2011.  The podcast of this report was posted this morning.

In her report, Nora uses a variety of different interviews and prior reports to present to her listeners with a clear picture of what mobile wallets will become in the relatively near future.  Also, Nora’s report touches on the most important issues that surround the mobile wallet and mobile commerce in general. Unlike many other reports in the media that I have seen this since the Google/ MasterCard/ First Data/ VeriFone announcements last week, Nora focuses on the consumer experience, and the practical application  of mobile  wallets. Also, she uses excerpts of interviews with myself and others to clearly describe some of the terminology the benefit of consumers without using overwhelming jargon. Continue reading