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Bold Statement from Payment Industry Leader

Verifone's Opinion about NFC

When VeriFone speaks, they often reveal the next advances in Mobile Commerce. They spoke clearly at the GSMA conference earlier this month regarding both Near Field Communications (NFC) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

In October of 2010 when VeriFone announced that for the first time their systems could circumvent the established payments industry, it received little fanfare because there was no adoption and no clear path to mass appeal. Today, every Home Depot in the United States accepts PayPal as a form of payment, and that is only the beginning. Next, in 2011 VeriFone announced its services would expand to include loyalty and social media components, and again the popular reception was, “yeah, that will be great someday.” But today, behemoth Google considers VeriFone a key strategic partner. This month, when VeriFone clarified its position on NFC and opened the doors for MNOs, it is likely reveals the next industry steps once again. They said:

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