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Top 8 Features of Square-Starbucks Launch


Starbucks Mobile (Photo Credit:

Square launched at Starbucks today, and it is an interesting step forward in the world of mobile commerce – not just for Starbucks, but for other Square retailers.

For all of the good and not-so-good features of Square’s new app, remember that it is Square’s “Model T Ford.” They are just getting started in the world of feature-rich apps for consumer use. Also, integration with traditional POS systems is new for Square. Overall, this is a good start that Square will use as a foundation for future development. Here are the eight key elements of Square’s new smartphone app, including its use at Starbucks:

1) IT WORKS: The fact that this system functioned on launch day is remarkable, given Starbucks’s 7,000 stores have been working on this implementation for only three months. There is always the possibility of a major software problem with the product launch on such a large-scale. But, software glitches did not happen with Square & Starbucks. [Do you have information to the contrary? Just comment on this article.]

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Over 50 New Mobile Commerce Events

signature on phoneLooking for a sign that the mobile commerce space is growing? Take a look a the swelling number of conferences on our updated calendar of mobile commerce events.

It includes over 50 new events scheduled over the course of the next twelve months. In addition, some events that were rescheduled due to Hurricane Sandy are also included. This includes the NFC Payments USA Conference that has been rescheduled to December 10 and 11 because of the hurricane.

Predicatively, the volume of conferences falls off dramatically after December 11 for the holiday season, but picks back up by late January 2013.

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