Praise for Digital Habits

“Finally! – a book that teaches me how to be both comfortable and secure using a computer, and how to acquire sensible computer habits. It should come with every computer. Everybody – buy this book!!”  -Carey Harrison, Author

“With all the hacks going and people hacking your cellphone.. Check out this book it may give you some ideas to protect yourself!”  -Danny Rodriguez, International Business and Trade Executive

“If what you desire is online security – without being bogged down in all the associated fear and complexity – then this book is for you.”  -Michael Leonard

“A very easy ready, with simple and straight-forward tips you might not have thought of and most importantly are easy to remember.” John Greenberg


Praise for The Smartphone Wallet

“David’s practical look at the big picture, the big players, and history of the electronic payments leaves the reader with an understanding of the disruption ahead. I highly suggest this book to anyone who’s interested in smartphone wallets.” Read More…
-Bruce Burke
Business Development
iPayStation, Inc.

“… David Schropfer clearly and lucidly explains the stakes in the coming revolution in retail transactions…” Read More…

-Ernie Schell, Director of Marketing Systems Analysis (a division of SCI, LLC)

“If you want a quick, easy-to-understand treatment of where payments disruption could occur, Schropfer’s book will help.” Read More…
-Gary Kim, Editor, Mobile Marketing and Technology

“The SmartPhone Wallet was a great read. The writing style made it an easy read. The content and perspective gave some very valuable insight into future trends of mobile payments.” Read More…
-Meg Collin, Global Telecom Procurement and Sourcing Expert

“A light yet substantive read, in the Scientific American style, will educate you enough so that you can draw your own conclusions and make your own decisions about the soon-to-be-offered products and services.” Read More…
-Mirek Kula, Co-Founder and CEO, REC-ORDER, LLC

“David’s practical view on next generation banking / smartphones is innovating and realistic.” Read More…
-Patrick Gartner, Director of PM and IT integration, Activu Corporation

“In The Smartphone Wallet, I am impressed by the way David Schropfer uses very simple language (English vs telecom jargon) to explain very complex subjects so that anyone can understand…” Read More…
-William So, Managing Director at PowerHouse Global Ltd., former CEO of China Netcom (Hong Kong)

“In “The Smartphone Wallet” David Schropfer outlines the background and evolving shifts in technology, financial services, and consumer preferences that converge to provide the mobile wallet, the next generation of electronic payments.” Read More…
-Anand Goel, Optimized Payments Consulting

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