Praise for the Smartphone Wallet

“I had the opportunity to meet David Schropfer at the 1st Annual Mobile Payments Show in New York City recently. Although I had interacted with him on social media sites I didn’t realize he had written and published a book concerning mobile wallet technology.
Having experience in mobile, e-transactions and POS, I found David’s writing insightful, clear, and well structured. This is a great primer for anyone at any level who’s interested in smartphone wallet technology. The book is constructed in a clear straightforward style. David provides great descriptions that simplifies the readers ability to understand, and layer their own specific details over the provided wire-frame.
But this is no ‘See Spot Run’ primer. David explains very sophisticated, complex networks and transactions in a simple fashion with easy to understand parallels. Understanding how credit and debit networks were born helps reader’s understand the challenges and opportunities associated with smartphone wallet technology.
David’s concise, intelligent presentation in New York is what led me to buy the book. He’s knowledgeable about the industries that encompass mobile money services including; software, hardware, financial services and distribution. His background in telecom and experience as an analyst culminates in someone who knows where the rubber meets the road. David’s practical look at the big picture, the big players, and history of the electronic payments leaves the reader with an understanding of the disruption ahead.
I highly suggest this book to anyone who’s interested in smartphone wallets. It’s a great primer for any executive who wants to understand what mobile money means for his business. But the book is not just a 40,000 foot view, it also speaks to the public, providing a clear picture for all consumers who want to make educated decisions concerning smartphone wallet services.”
Bruce Burke
Business Development
iPayStation, Inc. (@iPayStation)

“In the first book in his ‘SmartPhone Wallet’ series, David Schropfer clearly and lucidly explains the stakes in the coming revolution in retail transactions in which your smartphone will not only take the place of your credit cards but can in fact eliminate much of the ‘overhead’ in the current payment management process. Consumers and merchants could benefit significantly, as will less-developed economies where ‘disintermediation’ will not only improve profitability but also help to side-step endemic corruption. But for any of this to become a full-blown reality all players will have to adhere to sensible standards, which are currently in the embryonic stage. Schropfer’s coverage of these subjects is thorough and illuminating, providing a clear and concise overview of all relevant topics, and should be the perfect introduction to the next book in the series: The SmartPhone Wallet – A Consumer Guide to the Services of Today and Tomorrow, which will cover this important subject in even greater detail.”
-Ernie Schell
Director of Marketing Systems Analysis (a division of SCI, LLC)

“The really big question about many of the new and proposed mobile payment systems is whether they will disrupt, or augment, the existing “four party” system where consumers buy things from merchants, and payments flow between the consumer’s bank, and the merchant’s bank. There are other important players, of course, including the Visa and MasterCard networks, which essentially determine whether a specific transaction is approved or not, and then provide instructions about how to settle accounts between the banks. David Schropfer’s new book, “The Smartphone Wallet,” available from, attempts to lead the reader through the various possible ways a new mobile payment system could, in fact, disintermediate the existing system. “If Visa and MasterCard can hire settlement banks to handle the flow of funds daily, why can’t another company, such as a mobile network operator like Isis, or an alternate payment channel, like PayPal?” Schropfer asks. “Granted, the current format is formidable.” Could the mobile operator, or another entity, act as the processor for the consumer’s bank and the merchant’s bank? Schropfer thinks mobile operators could do so. In other scenarios, the mobile operator could send transactions directly to the consumer’s bank, automatically triggering a payment to the merchant’s bank, Schropfer contends. Or, perhaps the mobile operator could send a transaction directly to PayPal. In all those scenarios, there could be significant disruption to the current payment model. The “Smartphone Wallet” is a quick read, and retails for $14.95. If you want a quick, easy-to-understand treatment of where payments disruption could occur, Schropfer’s book will help.”
Gary Kim
Editor, Mobile Marketing and Technology

“The SmartPhone Wallet was a great read.  The writing style made it an easy read.  The content and perspective gave some very valuable insight into future trends of mobile payments.  I can’t wait for the next book in this series.”
-Meg Collin
Global Telecom Procurement and Sourcing Expert

“You’re bombarded with information about mobile financial services that either expect you to know it all or treat you like a child. In other words, if you are like most of us then The SmartPhone Wallet is a book for you. The book will take you through the basics of payments, mobile networks, the intersection where they meet, and what this convergence can mean to you. A light yet substantive read, in the Scientific American style, will educate you enough so that you can draw your own conclusions and make your own decisions about the soon-to-be-offered products and services. Learn the history, the present, the trends; what is important and what is not. Know the risks, the costs, the business side and the technical side – enough to benefit you and help others to make the right decisions.”
Mirek Kula
Co-Founder and CEO, REC-ORDER, LLC

“I recommend David Schropfer’s “The Smartphone Wallet” book. This book is fundamentally sound and it is easy to read. David’s practical view on next generation banking / smartphones is innovating and realistic. The book starts with describing today’s banking / consumer function and the innovating technological movement on the horizon. Individuals involved in wireless banking and or any technology background interest should read this book.”
Patrick Gartner
Director of PM and IT integration, Activu Corporation

“In The Smartphone Wallet, I am impressed by the way David Schropfer uses very simple language (English vs telecom jargon) to explain very complex subjects so that anyone can understand!  I also like examples he quoted to explain the subject of the Mobile Wallet are from our daily lives, requiring no imagination to understand.”
William So
Managing Director at PowerHouse Global Ltd., former CEO of China Netcom (Hong Kong)

“Just as credit and debit cards have largely displaced cash and checks, mobile wallets will surely displace physical payment tenders. The adoption of mobile wallets will be driven by consumer convenience and value. In “The Smartphone Wallet” David Schropfer outlines the background and evolving shifts in technology, financial services, and consumer preferences that converge to provide the mobile wallet, the next generation of electronic payments. This is a good read for anyone in the payments ecosystem.”
-Anand Goel
Optimized Payments Consulting

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